About The Conference

Collaborating and Innovating

The 8th Quadrennial Conference on Vestibular Schwannoma and Other CPA Tumors brings together professionals from across the globe and puts them in a collaborative environment. Allowing insights to be shared by professionals involved across the spectrum of treatment options.

Abstract submissions will begin on Sept. 1, 2018. Sign up on our registration page for early notification when submission process opens.

What you'll Experience

Expert Information

World experts in microsurgery, radiation therapy, and medical therapy will share beneficial presentations and lead panels on the latest research and innovations in treatment.

Innovative Approaches

The 2019 conference will foster a blended approach to vestibular schwannoma treatment through new ideas, research, and technological innovations in surgery, radiation delivery, and medical therapy.

Network Growth

Build relationships with colleagues who are passionate about the topics that interest you and expand your professional network.

Practical Training

Leading experts will hold a pre-meeting dissection workshop to provide practical skills and knowledge for treatment.